Meet the Founder, Jessye Schmalian

What made you fall in love with Pilates? 

I find joy of life in this work. It changed me. After my first session, I thought I had to do this and teach people forever, and I left there radiating. Pilates also helped me discover the beauty of movement. 

The method is wonderful and complex, and simultaneously very simple. There are hundreds of layers in between and it’s each person’s journey to discover these layers. I love watching clients uncover them and teaching them.

What is your favorite exercise and why? 

Right now (it changes as I change!) it’s snake/twist. I think it’s great to do it on Gratz equipment. First, it’s beautiful! But it’s also a mix of balance, strength, stretching, and it’s about connecting the mind and body. It’s just a delicious exercise!

Why is your studio different?

Well, we’re a classical studio and I named it “The Tradition” because of my love of the method’s history and lineage. 

That’s also why I have pictures of Joe teaching on the walls. It helps you connect with what people were doing back then and now. 

The greatest gifts my teachers gave me are the stories of Romana, Joe and others. Their story was passed down and I want to pass it along to my students as well, so it can continue, because the work, works. We don’t need to change it, it’s magic. That’s why I wanted to open my own studio,

What do you want your clients to take with them when they leave a session?

I want them to be uplifted! I also want them to get some playfulness and joy of movement, and get a sense of the love of learning. I try to help them get a deeper mind-body connection. I hope to change their lives through movement so they can enjoy life more fully. Pilates is empowering and it provides tools to thrive. I also want them to have a greater knowledge of themselves and become a better version of themselves. It’s all about growth and fulfillment!

What would you ask Joe if you could?

“Can I be your apprentice for a few years?” and “Can I watch you and just listen?”